pp-R Pipe Production Line

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Main Technical ParameterModelipe RanGe(mm)ExtruderProduction speedMax Output(kg/h)Total Power(kw)Line Length(M)PPR-90Ø20-63Single screw8m/min2209030*3.6*2.5PPR-150Ø70-160S...

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Main Technical Parameter
Model ipe RanGe(mm) Extruder Production speed Max Output(kg/h) Total Power(kw) Line Length(M)
PPR-90 Ø20-63 Single screw 8m/min 220 90 30*3.6*2.5
PPR-150 Ø70-160 Single screw 8m/min 300 150 36*3.6*2.5


- Advanced co-extrusion technique, ensure stable and high quality extrusion.

- Using ultrosonic welding to make sure stable performance and excellence welding quality.

- Equipped with control system from famous brand to be stable production and good synchronization.


- High production efficiency

- It adopts PLC system and HMI, easy to operate and stable running

- Better automatic system so that reducing the labor costs.

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