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Complete Production Line for Continuous Fiberglass-RTP (CFRTP)

  • -30% Total Cost
  • -50% Pipe Weight
  • HDPE ( PE 100+ ) or PERT – Inner Layer
  • HDPE ( PE 100+ )  – Outer Layer
  • Brand New Wrapping Technology



Machinelijn van stalen geribbelde polyethyleen buis (SRPP)

yt All steel structures

yt perfect composition of steel-plastic

ytOne set facility for main specifications

yt Portable factories


Complete Equipment for Large diameter pipe Socketing Machine-HDPE

yt Convenient installation

yt Welding reliability

yt Excellent sealing performance

yt Production efficiency

  • -
    30 years expert experience
  • -
    50,000 ㎡ factory area
  • -+
    20+patents qualified/in processing
  • -
    24 hours response for any inquiry

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  • The 2020 Plastic Pipes XX Conference Amsterdam, Nederland

    De Plastic Pipes XX Conference and Exhibition, de grootste conferentie ter wereld op het gebied van kunststof buizen, vindt plaats van 21-23 september 2020 in Hotel Okura in Amsterdam. We hebben aangekondigd dat Banline de GOLD-sponsor is van deze conferentie. We zullen de nieuwste technologie delen - Co ...