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Complete Production Line for Continuous Fiberglass-RTP (CFRTP)

  • -30% Total Cost
  • -50% Pipe Weight
  • HDPE ( PE 100+ ) or PERT – Inner Layer
  • HDPE ( PE 100+ )  – Outer Layer
  • Brand New Wrapping Technology



Steel Ribbed Polyethylene Pipe (SRPP) Machinery Line

yt All steel structures

yt perfect composition of steel-plastic

ytOne set facility for main specifications

yt Portable factories


Complete Equipment for Large diameter pipe Socketing Machine-HDPE

yt Convenient installation

yt Welding reliability

yt Excellent sealing performance

yt Production efficiency

  • -
    30 years expert experience
  • -
    50,000 ㎡ factory area
  • -+
    20+patents qualified/in processing
  • -
    24 hours response for any inquiry

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  • Fiberglass TCP production line system feature and technology

    Fiberglass TCP mainstream machinery line system is able to manufacture up to DN200. It is hard to hard to produce larger diameters Due to the limitation of continuous wrapping, production efficiency, and technical conditions, etc., Banline China and Banline USA team redesign the fiberglass wrappi...